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Crack Filling & Seal Coating

Crack filling is an important step in asphalt preservation. It’s a cost-effective strategy for extending the service life of pavement that is in good condition. Cracks in the asphalt will happen over time, and if left untreated it will allow water into the cracks causing deterioration of the asphalt.

By preventing water from entering cracks you can extend the asphalt life, saving you a great deal of money over time. At Abby’s contracting we are equipped to fill cracks for residential, commercial, and municipalities, so let us help you extend the life of your pavement.

Seal coating adds curb appeal and extends the life of your driveway or parking lot appearance.

By protecting the top layer of asphalt from oxidation and wear, caused by exposure to the sun and air and the harmful effects of oil and gasoline spills. While also beautifying the pavement by providing a smooth, black, even surface ideal for painting lines and sweeping.

We recommend waiting at least 12 months before seal coating new pavement allowing time for curing. After a surface has been sealed it should be re-sealed every 3-4 years or as necessity dictates. We are equipped for residential and commercial seal coating so call for free estimate, and let us help you preserve your driveway or parking lot today.

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